Over the Top

175+ pages, Ages 5 and up!

You’re climbin’ a mountain made of candy!
Can you guess what the prize is if you make it to the top?
Get an eyeful of Mr. Mike’s newest compilation of over 130 quirky, rhyming poems and wacky, fun drawings!  Are you waiting on a delivery from The Prehistoric Pizza Company?  It might take a million years!  Come on in and find out what’s going on inside Nadine’s Noodle.  Visit a Word Factory to see how words are made!  You might even catch a glimpse of Big Foot!  No need to panic – it’s the Un-Attack of the Timid Tarantula!  Watch out overhead – it’s Flyin’ Squirrels!  Put on your Slippery Socks and step right into the Tenth Dimension!  You’re goin’ Over the Top!

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