California Schools Dates!

bbb-website-surferMr. Mike is available for only a few local Southern California school visits this school year.  Your school must be in Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside or San Diego county.

We are not listing available dates as we usually do.  Please plan your visit for after mid January 2011.  If you are interested in a specific date and no other date will work, then email us directly (before filling out the Assembly Request Form) to see if it’s available.

If you’re flexible, then fill out the Assembly Request Form and include ALL dates that could possibly work for you – you should also use the comments text boxes to let us know how flexible you are.

FREE Assemblies for California public schools
are for the entire school only!

All grades! All

Mr. Mike visits a limited number of California public schools FREE of charge, including all travel and accommodations – as long as all students from all grades and classes attend.  Proceeds from book sales are accepted in lieu of the standard fee. There is no minimum # of book sales. Book sales do not have to meet or exceed a specific amount (however they should and usually do cover the cost of transportation and overnight costs, but if they don’t – that doesn’t mean you’re on the hook for anything!)  There are no hidden fees, secret charges or any like that.  FREE means FREE! This arrangement has worked quite well for over 10 years and has enabled many schools to have a visit by Mr. Mike that they might not otherwise be able to afford.  Keep an eye out for available dates which are usually released around the end of August.  Dates book up very quickly!

Free visits for select grade levels or classes are not available!
Please do not schedule assemblies during a time when any class will be away!
A fee will apply if even 1 class is missing!

Exceptions… For morning assemblies before the afternoon K classes begin, it is o.k. for those classes to miss the event.
If time allows, Mr. Mike will sometimes stop by the aft. K classes to say ‘hi’ and read a few poems.  Schools on the ‘track’ schedule won’t be able to have ‘off-track’ students attend
(but they’re welcome to drop by that day if they want to!)


Most schools in these areas are a 1-day event and may request dates without having to find other schools in their area to team up with.

ATTN: Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bern., Imperial county schools: Depending on start times and your school’s geographic location (like the desert areas), some schools may have to arrange for a second school to share Mr. Mike on 2 consecutive days, however we often end up booking several schools and even an entire week in most areas. These are usually the schools located in Northern/Eastern areas which are impossible to reach in the a.m. without grinding through 5 hours of bumper-to-bumper traffic! We’ll let you know! Now is a good time to make a few calls to other schools in your area to see if they want to hop on board just in case you get a response from us saying, “You need to have one more school lined up!”


High/Low Desert Areas: 2 schools minimum
Central Valley up to Fresno = 4 schools minimum
Coastal up to San Luis Obispo = 3 schools minimum
North of Monterey/Fresno = 5 schools minimum

*Each school must complete an Assembly Request Form.

*Schools can be up to 30 minutes/30 miles (or so…) apart,
so they do not all have to be in the same district!

Go to the Assembly Request Form link (to the right) to submit a request!

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